With over 30 years’ experience within the electrical industry, we can design and build an electrical system for any type of commercial property including shops, offices, retirement housing schemes and residential care homes.

Consultation with the customer is key to any new system being installed.  If, on entering a building, the lighting looks good the chances are it has been designed correctly.  If lights are too bright, too dim or the luminaires are causing glare issues the chances are there has been no design process or consultation with the customer. 

Working closely with the lighting manufacturers, we can design lighting systems, being aware of the various current lighting publications, and can advise clients of a wide range of lighting design considerations.

  • LED Option
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Microwave Sensor Luminaries
  • Dimmable Luminaries

Up to 70% of energy savings can be made on a 24-hour application, if the correct system has been designed.

With our knowledge we can advise on CIBSE guidelines for the recommended lighting levels in all type of locations and the colour temperature of the light source.  We can mix ambient lighting (general lighting) with accent lighting (adds interest) to compliment your decor and displays.

Care should be taken not to forget emergency lighting in accordance with BS 5266 part 1:2011. We can advise on how to meet all requirements and have different emergency systems that correspond with the building’s infrastructure.

We can also design small power/data distribution and connections in order to create convenience and performance for users in office buildings.  Working environments should be fitted with solutions that can be fully adjusted to different types of building and meet the user’s needs.

All works are carried out by our fully qualified electrical engineers and are inspected and tested all in accordance with the requirements of BS 7671:2013.