Fire Systems

The Regulatory Reforms (Fire Safety) order 2005 (RRO) came into force on 1st October 2006. It places the responsibility on an individual within an organisation to ensure that adequate fire precautions are taken within a building.  If you’re an owner, landlord or occupier of business or other non-domestic premises, you’ll be responsible for fire safety. You’re known as the ‘responsible person’.   

Your organisation should have a tailor-made risk assessment that meets your fire safety needs for the prevention and protection against fire. The risk assessment will include:

  • Identify fire hazards-source of ignition-fuel-work processes
  • Identify the location of people at risk
  • Evaluate the risks arising from the hazards and decide if the existing fire precautions are adequate or if any hazard can be removed to control risk by improving fire precautions. Consideration for adequacy of fire detection/warning systems, emergency lighting for escape routes and testing and the serving and maintenance of fire precautions
  • Record findings and take action where necessary. Prepare an emergency plan.
  • Keep the risk assessment under review (e.g. the use of room or premises change)

Karma can help with your fire risk assessment and with the code of practice for fire detection and fire systems BS 5839-1:2013 give guidance and recommendation for any fire systems required to suit your business.

We can assist in the planning, delivery and maintenance of all Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems. We can ensure that once any fire system has been installed or any existing fire system are serviced it will be in accordance with BS 5839-1:2013. 

Maintenance of any fire system is an essential part of the fire risk assessment. It’s one thing to know you have a fire system in place, but it is essential to know that when required, it operates correctly. For continuous safety, it is important that the fire alarm system is tested and maintained on a regular schedule. This can only be done if a full maintenance plan is put together. We can help with all the necessary records, evidence and training required.